College Executive   
Principal Ann Freeman
Assistant Principal Mrs Christine Harding
Leader of Religious Education (REC)        Ms Maria Bautista
Leader of Teaching and Learning Mr Juan Gonzaga
Leader of Wellbeing Mrs Janine Janssen

Key Learning Area Coordinators  
English  Ms Kerrie-Marie Baxter
Mathematics  Mrs Vanessa Bauer
Science  Mrs Tess Waterhouse
HSIE  Mr Anthony Moore
LOTE Ms Annmarie Rayer
TAS  Mrs Judith Young
PD/H/PE  Mrs Kim Tregoning
Creative and Performing Arts  Mrs Joanne Furnari
TAS Mrs Judith Young
Leader of Information and Research Mr Andrew Mackenzie


Year Coordinators  
Year 7 Mrs Alison Kritzler
Year 8  Ms Belinda Malakovski
Year 9 Mrs Karen McNamara
Year 10  Ms Helena Christoforidis


Positions of Responsibility  
Ms Belinda Malakovski
Learning Support
Mrs Debra Streater
Gifted Support
Mrs Kerrie Ramsay
Friday Sport
Mrs Riley Veldekis
Representative Sport
Mrs Kim Tregoning
IT Support
Mr Craig Coates, Mr Kritish Ram
Mercy Action Group (MAG)   
Mrs Lisa Overton
Support Staff  - Bursar     Mrs Meredith Rees
                    - Principal's Assistant
Ms Laura O'Donnell
                    - Receptionist Mrs Jacqueline Thompson
                    - Student Services Mrs Diane White
                    - Student Services Ms Jennifer Crean
                    - Library Mrs Maureen McNeill
Canteen Mrs Julie Yacoubian
  Ms Lynette Smith
  Mrs Jacqueline Pagano