The Careers Program at OLMC focuses on Year 10 students. A variety of activities are undertaken in order to assist the girls with the many skills they will need in order to enter the workforce whether it is obtaining a casual job or looking towards their post school options in the future. All students leave the school with a Careers Folder which can easily be updated as they continue their education and training.

Work Experience is available in Year 10 for students who would like to explore a particular career and is encouraged for students who may be looking for non-school options after they complete Year 10. Students are given the opportunity to organize their placement for after the School Certificate. During the year students who wish to undertake specialized work placements, such as with the police force, may be given time off school to attend these programs.

Guest speakers are invited to the school to provide information for the girls on Post Year 10 Options and specific Careers.

All students are interviewed in Year 10 to assist with their transition to the HSC or into further training. Assistance is given to students who decide to terminate their schooling at the end of year 10, to ensure that they have information to enrol in courses or to obtain training in their future career area.