Gifted and Talented

At OLMC Burraneer we seek first to offer an enriched education for all students, providing encouragement and opportunities for our girls to pursue talents/interests/passions. Our staff takes pride in our commitment, mandate and mission to encourage each child in our care to be all that she can be.

Co-ordinated by our Gifted Support Teacher, we offer a multilayered approach to gifted education, based on our understanding that the nurture of girls of high ability requires more than academic challenge - it requires understanding of social and emotional needs, too. We seek to support the individualin partnership with families, to develop her gifts (potential significantly above average) into demonstratedtalents (skills significantly above average).


No single approach is appropriate for all: we believe that the realisation of high potential depends on offering suitable challenge and rigor without pressure or risking social isolation. Targeted responses to identified needs in this area are based on communication/collaboration with teachers, the students themselves and their parents, but some examples of structures in place for gifted students are:


  • The provision of a teacher with post-graduate qualifications in gifted education to co-ordinate programs and offer mentorship to identified students.
  • A matrix of identification methods, including a pre year 7 entry screening test, analysis of national testing, university competitions, subject achievement, or nomination by teachers, parents and the students themselves.
  • A policy of curriculum differentiation, designed to offer an appropriate educational experience within each classroom based on the learning needs of the child.
  • The provision of a variety of grouping methods, including an academically streamed class in years 7 and 8 for students of high ability in several domains, and subject based streaming as well as mixed ability grouping options in years 9 and 10.
  • A variety of small group short term extension options offered in consultation with subject teachers. (Examples have included a writer's workshop, extended study of an author or genre for advanced readers, exploration of creative and critical thinking, and art and commerce extension units). Individual independent programs of extension or acceleration are constructed for those whose passions/needs make this a more effective method.
  • Gifted students can choose to join one of our many enrichment options, like streamwatch, our classics reading group, our new movie club, the vocal ensemble, dance group, choir, or musical etc. These options are open to all students, allowing the exploration of an area of passion or interest.

Please feel free to contact Mrs Kerrie Ramsay (gifted support) about the needs of your child.