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OLMC Burraneer Uniforms can also be purchased online via Lowes School Online. 




By wearing the uniform correctly and neatly, students show pride in their College and its good name. The uniform has been designed to reflect the College's symbolic colours of blue, red and white. It is expected students will conform to the uniform policy.



Blue/White Caesarella with white collar and cuffs and red tie


Long Straight navy blue blazer, no collar or lapels

School crest is embroidered on left side


Black leather, low-heeled, supportive footwear, lace-up (NO dance shoes)    


White ankle length (not sports socks)

 Note: The College blazer is to be worn to and from school if the weather is cooler (the jumper may be worn undernaeth the blazer).



Tunic Dress                        

Navy polyester viscose patterned with blue and red checks and stripes


White poly-cotton, Straight-edged lapels, long sleeved, buttoned down front 


Red Wool with V-neck and Crest worn for warmth under the blazer


Black leather, low-heeled, lace-up (NO dance shoes)    


Black pantyhose or tights

College scarf

ptional - if a scarf is worn it must be the College scarf

 Note: The College blazer must be worn to and from school (the jumper is worn underneath the blazer).




  • College Shorts & Shirt
  • Sports Cap (optional - if a cap is worn it must be the College cap)
  • College Swimsuit and Swim Cap
  • College Track Suit
  • White 'sloppy joe' with College crest
  • Joggers - must be supportive sports shoes (not casual shoes) lace-up, white socks

The sports uniform is to be worn for PDHPE classes and at sporting fixtures including College swimming and athletics carnivals.

Note: The sports uniform is only worn to and from school on Friday.


  • Regulation Navy blue with College crest
  • Additional blue bag (available from Student Services)
  • College trolley bag (available from Student Services)


  • The full OLMC College uniform is worn each day
  • The summer dress and winter tunic is to be worn at knee length
  • White socks are not part of the winter uniform
  • With the winter uniform black stockings/tights are to be worn with black leather lace-up low-heeled school shoes
  • The sport uniform is not worn to and from school, except on Friday or when students are specifically notified
  • The College fully supports the NSW Cancer Council's campaign to encourage students to wear protective headwear - a College cap is available - no other headwear may be worn
  • The wearing of the College scarf in winter is optional
  • Hair should be well groomed, neat, tidy and one natural colour - long hair must be tied back at all times using red, blue or white ribbons or head bands
  • Students are not to wear make-up. Students who choose to do so will be asked to remove their make-up
  • Only the following jewellery is permitted:
    • One pair of plain gold or silver earrings (sleepers or studs worn in the earlobes only)
    • One plain gold or silver ring
    • One gold/silver fine neck chain
    • One plain gold/silver bracelet
  • No visible piercings allowed (clear plastic studs or band aids to cover are not permitted)
  • Nails are to be natural (no acrylic, shellac, SNS etc) and of a short length to comply with WHS. Students are not to wear nail polish
  • Students who breach the Uniform Policy will be issued with a warning notification. Three warning notifications will result in an after school detention
  • Unless otherwise stated students who attend excursions are required to wear full College uniform
  • On Mufti days students are expected to wear casual clothing that is reflective of a Catholic environment. There is no offensive material on clothing and enclosed footwear is to be worn. Girls must ensure that their mid riff and shoulders are covered.  The expectation is that students donate on fund raising mufti daysThe Principal reserves the right to alter and interpret the above provisions