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Implementation of BYODD will begin with Year 7, 2019. This means that parents are required to either purchase or use a laptop that they currently own, which meets the College’s specifications, for their daughter’s use at school.

The College is designating the following device(s) for Year 7 2019

  • MacBook Air 13in/ 1.6 GHz/ 8GB/ 128 or 256 GB with 3 or 4 year Applecare warranty OR 

  • A recently purchased (less than 2 years old) MacBook Air, Macbook or MacBook Pro. 


At Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College, our vision for learning fosters a love of deep learning, encourages students to think critically and creatively and provides a foundation for authentic learning. All students will have the opportunity to engage in learning that incorporates real‐life experiences, technology, and tools that are already familiar to them. Learning is enriched through interactions with community members. The effective use of technology can support this vision for learning and can thereby bring authentic learning into the classroom. (Horizon Report 2015 p5) 

The College will provide the following support for BYODD: 

  • Connecting to the College wireless. 

  • Connecting to the internet. 

  • Connecting to CloudShare (the College Virtual learning environment); and Chrome browser. 

  • The College has the right to inspect the laptop if there is concern that a device has been used contrary to the 
College policies. 

  • Assistance with installation of SCS/College licensed software. 


Support the College does not offer:

  • In depth fault diagnosis and lodging of warranty and non‐warranty claims.

  • Hardware and software repairs are not the responsibility of the College.

  • Data retrieval.

  • Firewall and content filtering at home, however content is filtered at the College and firewalled.
  • Issues arising outside of the College scope which include configurations of connections at home.
  • Charging of the device.


If you require any further information please refer to the OLMC Burraneer BYODD FAQ document or contact Mr Andrew Mackenzie (Research and Information Coordinator) at the College on 9544 1966.