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Homework Policy

The purpose of homework, like schooling, is learning.  When conscientiously undertaken, homework is a valuable aspect of the learning process.


At Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College Burraneer we believe that homework:

  • is important for students of all ages as it helps them build on what they have already learnt at school;
  • is valuable for teachers, as it helps them assess the progress of the students;
  • provides the opportunity for students to acquire sound study habits and constructive time-management skills in order to work independently and develop self-discipline
  • encourages students to make consistent, personal effort without direct adult supervision, take initiative and responsibility for completing a task;
  • helps bridge the gap between home and school, providing a partnership between home and school;
  • allows parents to have an active role in their child's education and helps them to evaluate their child's progress;
  • relate what is learned in school to students’ lives outside of school and helps to connect school learning to the real world.



  • Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College Burraneer recommends the following for home study (as stated in the College Diary):


      • Year 7            1 hour per night
      • Year 8            1½ hours per night
      • Year 9            2 hours per night
      • Year 10          2 hours per night


  • Homework activities may vary according to the needs of the various subject areas being studied.
  • Regular review of the day’s lessons should be the first homework done each evening.  Time should also be spent revising previous work or making use of textbooks and other resources to create study notes in preparation for coming examinations, tests or other assessment.
  • Homework may include the completion of written work from class, projects, research activities, assignments and reading tasks.  Normally, written work may take between a half and two thirds of homework time.  The remaining time should be given to study and revision.
  • Homework is based on work recently covered in class or work shortly to be covered.
  • Homework is to be entered into a student’s diary.
  • Homework is set for all subjects on the evening of the day that the subject has been studied.
  • Homework will be excused only with a note from a parent/carer.
  • In providing the link between home and school parents are asked to be involved in their child’s education by:
  • Supporting students in completing their homework.
  • Providing, if possible, a dedicated place and desk for homework and study.
  • Assisting teachers to monitor homework by signing the diary each week.
  • Communicating with teachers about any concerns with homework or their child’s approach to homework.