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Literacy Statement

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College, Burraneer recognises the importance of literacy to life and learning. Literacy involves the integration of listening, speaking, reading, viewing, creating, writing and critical thinking in using and producing a variety of rich texts for different purposes. Practices in literacy value and respond to students’ worldview, cultural heritage, home language/s and lived experiences.


Students demonstrate literacy learning when they:

  • make connections between their own life experiences and literacy skills and knowledge
  • express thoughts and emotions, analyse and evaluate information, present ideas and opinions and interact with others
  • are confident and motivated to use their literacy skills across the curriculum
  • collaborate to create knowledge and make meaning through responding and composing multiple types of texts
  • develop an understanding of how diverse texts build knowledge in different curriculum areas
  • recognise how language and visual information work in distinctive ways to present knowledge in texts
  • use a repertoire of literacy knowledge and skills to deal with the increasing challenges and demands of the curriculum
  • respond to high-quality feedback, which is timely and relevant, from teachers, mentors and peers.



Parents support their child’s literacy when they:

  • are partners in their children’s education
  • work together with schools to support and encourage their child’s literacy and language development
  • encourage positive attitudes towards literacy
  • are informed about and understand their child’s strengths and areas for growth in literacy.