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Numeracy Statement

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College, Burraneer recognises the importance of numeracy to life and learning. Numeracy is the effective use of mathematics to meet the demands of daily learning and life. The Numeracy Statement provides a foundation
for students, parents and teachers to create, evaluate and sustain practices that advance student numeracy.


Students become increasingly numerate when they:

  • apply mathematical concepts and skills in daily learning and life 

  • notice, explore and talk about the mathematics in each subject 

  • select and evaluate the use of mathematical thinking, language and techniques
  • experience relevant, purposeful and engaging applications of Mathematics 

  • develop positive attitudes towards Mathematics 

  • work mathematically across the curriculum


Parents and carers support their children’s numeracy development when they:

  • encourage and model positive attitudes towards numeracy and Mathematics 

  • notice, explore and talk about mathematics with their children 

  • work in partnership with the school to support and encourage 
numeracy development 

  • are informed about and understand their children’s strengths and areas for growth