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Year 9 Camp

From the 3rd to 4th of July Year 9 visited Deer Park Youthworks for an overnight camp in the Royal National Park. Throughout the camp the girls experienced various outdoor activities which included; abseiling, skyweb (high ropes), archery, incredible race activities and catapulting. These activities allowed us to work as a team, learn new skills and communicate effectively with one another. To ensure a sense of responsibility, the groups took turns of catering for either breakfast, lunch or dinner. The camp also included a trivia night activity which allowed everyone, including the teachers to compete in healthy competition against one another.

As well as the outdoor activities, we also got the opportunity to reflect on our faith where in groups, we listened and spoke about what we believe in. The camp leaders were very supportive towards us and encouraged us to achieve and share. Overall, it was a very rewarding experience which helped us build new friendships and to work as a team. We would like to thank the teachers for organising this great event and for being so helpful and caring towards every student. 

By Lily McAdam and Talara Scarr